AirAsia: Have Net will travel

By Anita Devasahayam

The region’s first budget, no-frills airlines AirAsia is flying high, raking in an estimate RM500,000 a month (US$132,000), thanks to the Internet. Chief executive officer Tony Fernandes tells C|Level why his e-ticketing strategy works.

AirAsia's Tony FernandesAIRASIA’s chief executive officer Tony Fernandes believes that anything is possible where there is a good enough deal. So when he sold 2,600 air tickets within six hours over the Internet at RM10 (US$2.60) a piece in December 2000 for his newly launched airline, he was verified.

“If the offer is good, people will find their way. The beauty of it – and I will tell this story till I the day I die – we had a family of 19 from a rubber estate, who got their brother-in-law with a credit card, find their way to the Internet and bought tickets,” he reveals.
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