Reinventing the Supply Chain

By Anita Devasahayam and Julian Matthews


You have to hand it to Dell Computer Corporation — when it comes to the Net, the company gets it. The statistics speak for themselves. By late 1996, early days yet in e-commerce evolution, was already raking in US$1 million in online sales — daily. Each quarter, those figures have leapt, making for great public relations fodder.

Today, while dotcoms grope in the dark in search of a small torch called Profitability, Dell’s 50 million-bucks-a-day site is a blinding beacon of invincibility. More than 50 percent of the company’s revenues are derived through the Internet. By 2001, it is projecting to grow that share of sales to 70 percent. You needn’t be a seer to predict what the ultimate goal is.

In Asia Pacific, Dell’s Web transactions hover at about US$1.8 million daily. But it wasn’t always like that. Ooi-Wong Wai Kin, vice president of information technology of Asia Pacific, recalls how in 1996 when it launched its maiden regional website in Penang, sales on Day One stood at all of four orders. Suffice to say, Michael Dell was hopping.

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