Homegrown software: The uphill battle to make a global impact

By Julian Matthews

Developing your own software in Malaysia is a lot of sweat and tears, and very often a labor of love. Ask Looi Hoong Thoong, he should know.

Looi started “playing around” with computer viruses in 1988 and on his own steam and imagination, sans a grant, bank loan or external seed money, came up with V-Buster, an anti-virus program which he began selling two years later.

“Although I started at around the same time as McAfee, one is a multi-millionaire and the other isn’t. Guess who is the poorer one?” said Looi.
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Software piracy: Malaysia and BSA join forces for clampdown

By Julian Matthews

The Malaysian government, working in tandem with industry watchdog Business Software Alliance is coming down hard on software piracy like never before.

By government estimates, from April to June, 4,629 raids had been conducted with seizures exceeding RM4 million (US$1.05 million). This figure is dramatic in light of the fact that only RM3 million (US$790,000) worth was seized for the whole of last year.

The nation-wide blitzkrieg is sending out real fear among corporate users and computer retailers, many of whom have been struggling to stay afloat in the past year.

The BSA issued a stern warning last month when it sued a Malacca manufacturing firm claiming RM300,000 (US$79,000) in damages, costs and aggravated damages for alleged copyright infringement.
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