Remarked chips: The continual bane of the PC market

By Anita Devasahayam

Engineer TK Ong was in the middle of preparing a presentation for a meeting when his brand new PC crashed. It had hung previously each time he used Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator together, but did not bother him much. Perhaps it was just a memory glitch, he thought.

But this time when the Pentium 200MMX-powered PC crashed, he was upset because it resulted in him losing a large amount of data.

He complained to a cousin who had purchased a similar machine and, to his surprise, discovered that the latter’s PC was also giving similar problems. Curious, Ong checked with two colleagues who had bought PCs at a computer fair three months earlier. All four PCs–three with Pentium 200MMX processors and one with a Pentium 233MMX processor–were purchased from the same retailer and were crashing without reason.

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