The state of IT in Perak

By Anita Devasahayam

IN THE 80s, only segments of the Perak state machinery were computerised, and much of it had been done on an ad hoc basis.

An integrated accounting system first proposed in 1984, under the purview of the State Treasury Department, is the oldest application used by the state.

It was later upgraded to modernise the treasury’s money management, and was eventually replaced because it was deemed critical in monitoring and controlling the state’s finances and expenditure.

In 1987, the Federal Government gave out a land revenue application system to all the land offices in the country for their use.
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No easy task, but worth it

By Anita Devasahayam

FOR Perak State IT director Mohd Nor Hassan, convincing his bosses to implement Information Technology in the administrative machinery was no easy task.

Although the directive was clear that IT was to be used in processes that can be automated in order to improve services, justifying the expenditure was another issue.

“We chose departments responsible for revenue collection as starting points to introduce and implement technology,” says Mohd Nor.
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IT leadership by example

By Anita Devasahayam

IT WAS an unusual sight — a group of middle-aged men tapping away on their palmtop computers during morning meetings at the Perak State Secretariat.

Most of us probably think of civil servants as grindingly slow paper pushers, yet the department heads at the State Secretariat who meet every fortnight would defy this stereotype.

The group, led by State Secretary Datuk Abdul Habib Mansur, are purveyors of technology hoping to lead the civil service community in Perak into the information age.

“It’s strange at first (to use technology), but we got used to it. To create a culture, we must show by example,” says Habib.
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