Malaysian ISP Admits “Human Error” In Security Fiasco

By Julian Matthews, Newsbytes

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian Government-funded research corporation and Internet service operator Mimos Berhad admits that a staff member carelessly placed a large number of confidential company files on a publicly accessible Internet server.

Mimos Chief Operating Officer Dr Mohamed Awang-Lah said in an e-mail response to Newsbytes on Sunday that the incident was the result of “human error” and “carelessness.”

“One of our staff created a directory on a server and accidentally made it publicly accessible. The staff member uploaded the files for back-up purposes without taking adequate measures to protect them,” he said.

Dr Mohamed said “appropriate action” will be taken against the errant staff member but declined to say whether this would result in her dismissal. Read more

Cisco’s Support for 2.5 Gbits/s Internet Backbone

Internet service provider (ISP) Mimos Berhad has launched SuperJaring, a new fiber optic backbone that can transmit data at 2.5 Gbits/s making it one of the fastest available in the world.

Spanning 861km on the western side of the Malaysian peninsula, from Penang in the north to Johore in the south, the new multi-million dollar backbone network was built using the OC-48 Internet backbone infrastructure supported by Cisco Systems, Inc.

“The government has identified IT as one of the keys for our future success. Mimos’ charter has been to develop the infrastructure that will serve as the platform for that growth.

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Wafer fabs in Malaysia: the race has begun

By Julian Matthews

A race to build Malaysia’s first commercial wafer fabrication plant has begun in earnest. Three projects are in the reckoning in anticipation of a sudden spike in worldwide demand for wafers come 2001. The fabs are led by 1st Silicon (M) Sdn Bhd, Wafer Technology Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Mimos Bhd.

By a quirk of geographical fate, all three are situated a few hundred kilometers from each other, but distance accounts for nothing when one is constantly looking over one’s shoulder. Their stock reply that the market is big enough to accommodate three new players belies growing rivalry. Already they seem all geared up for battle mode.

In May, Wafer Technology Malaysia (WTM) threw its hat into the ring when it set up a sales office in Sunnyvale, California, and claimed it was ready to take orders for prototypes even though the plant would not be ready in a year.

Not to be outdone, 1st Silicon said it will set up a sales office in the Silicon Valley by the third quarter of this year.

Mimos, notably the least ambitious of the three new combatants, remained hushed about its marketing strategy except to say it was “looking at global customers”.

The jostling to secure customers has turned the heat on in an industry otherwise dampened by the fallout from the regional crisis and marred by inventory overruns.
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