Microsoft to Set Up Fund for Malaysia’s Multimedia Corridor

by Julian Matthews

September 3, 1998 (KUALA LUMPUR) — Microsoft Corp. will set up a venture capital fund and a software developers’ resource center as part of its efforts in Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor.

The moves are aimed at helping local start-ups develop an indigenous software industry in the MSC.

Microsoft Malaysia Sdn., Bhd. general manager Benedict Lee said the venture capital fund will kick off in 1999 with an initial outlay of 30 million ringgit (US$7.2 million). It will be funded by three parties: Microsoft, a local company and multinational information technology company.

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Microsoft’s Gates Says MSC a Part of Web Lifestyle

By Julian Matthews

March 30, 1998 (KUALA LUMPUR) — Microsoft Corp. chairman and CEO Bill Gates said the vision of Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) is in harmony with the concepts of the “digital nervous system” (DNS) and the “Web lifestyle” that he advocates.

Gates uses the term digital nervous system to describe how governments can employ technology to efficiently manage and use information, and how businesses can compete globally.

Speaking to about 3,000 people at the Putra World Trade Centre, on “The Connected Community,” he described living the Web lifestyle. He said people will rely on the Internet to interact online with the government and private companies from work or home.

Gates’ visit was part of a tour to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

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Microsoft CEO Gates Supports Multimedia Corridor

By Julian Matthews

March 26, 1998 (KUALA LUMPUR) — Microsoft Corp. chairman and CEO Bill Gates said the Malaysian government is wise for embracing information technology and he pledged support for the nation’s Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) project.

“I am very excited about the MSC. It will not only make Malaysia a leader in IT skills, but those skills will help in every sector it competes in,” he said.

Gates, who is member of the MSC advisory panel, said the key elements for the project are already in place.

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