Malaysian ISP Admits “Human Error” In Security Fiasco

By Julian Matthews, Newsbytes

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian Government-funded research corporation and Internet service operator Mimos Berhad admits that a staff member carelessly placed a large number of confidential company files on a publicly accessible Internet server.

Mimos Chief Operating Officer Dr Mohamed Awang-Lah said in an e-mail response to Newsbytes on Sunday that the incident was the result of “human error” and “carelessness.”

“One of our staff created a directory on a server and accidentally made it publicly accessible. The staff member uploaded the files for back-up purposes without taking adequate measures to protect them,” he said.

Dr Mohamed said “appropriate action” will be taken against the errant staff member but declined to say whether this would result in her dismissal. Read more

Cisco’s Support for 2.5 Gbits/s Internet Backbone

Internet service provider (ISP) Mimos Berhad has launched SuperJaring, a new fiber optic backbone that can transmit data at 2.5 Gbits/s making it one of the fastest available in the world.

Spanning 861km on the western side of the Malaysian peninsula, from Penang in the north to Johore in the south, the new multi-million dollar backbone network was built using the OC-48 Internet backbone infrastructure supported by Cisco Systems, Inc.

“The government has identified IT as one of the keys for our future success. Mimos’ charter has been to develop the infrastructure that will serve as the platform for that growth.

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University hackers identified as chat abuse culprits

By Julian Matthews

Malaysian Internet service provider Jaring has identified a group of hackers from a local university as being responsible for breaking into and using local and foreign servers as launchpads for attacks and abuse on the Undernet chat network.

Jaring said up to 38 local servers, mostly in universities and government organizations, and an estimated 30 foreign servers were compromised by the hackers.

“We managed to contact the owners of all these (local) servers to secure and stop them from being abused further,” said Dr Mohamed Awang-Lah, vice president Mimos Berhad, the operator of Jaring, in a statement.

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Malaysia’s TMnet delivers ultimatum to abusers

By Julian Matthews

Internet Service Provider TMnet has issued a stern warning to its users for attacking foreign chat networks and for other abuses such as credit card fraud, hacking and virus propagation.

“If you are the perpetrator of any such activities, consider this your first and final warning. There will be no further warnings before action is taken, the least of which is the suspension of your account. If you think you cannot be traced, think again,” said the statement issued yesterday to its 350,000 subscribers by the customer support manager (Internet services) for the ISP.

TMnet said it was forced to take “drastic measures” against perpetrators of the abuse to protect “innocent” users.

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Malaysian ISP Jaring to scan users following abuse

By Julian Matthews

KUALA LUMPUR–Local Internet service provider Jaring will scan its users while they are online to curb the high volume of abuse of foreign chat networks.

The scanning was announced in a notice sent via email to its 200,000 subscribers Tuesday.

“Connection to any equipment which exposes our network to abuse may be terminated without notice and follow-up action will be taken against the owner of the related account. We will not hesitate to suspend or terminate any account which has been found to be abused,” warned the notice.

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Malaysia domain the ‘most abusive’ in the world for chatting

By Julian Matthews

KUALA LUMPUR– administrators were forced to ban Malaysian users from its popular chat network because it is “the most abusive domain” in the world.

“Malaysian IP space and resources are being used to launch Denial of Service attacks against servers and services constantly. The last attack against one of our routing servers was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said a North American Abuse Coordinator of known as “Angel Moss”.

Moss said the was “not singling out Malaysia” which was banned from the global network on Monday.
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Major chat network bans all Malaysian users

By Julian Matthews

KUALA LUMPUR–One of the largest chat networks in the world––has imposed a blanket ban on Malaysian Net users for “prolonged and extensive” abuse.

The ban was effective August 16 and applies to all chatters coming into the network from the .my domain.

A statement released on the Net suggested the ban may be permanent unless the two local ISPs Jaring and TMnet resolve the issue of abuse.

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