Malaysian ISP Admits “Human Error” In Security Fiasco

By Julian Matthews, Newsbytes

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian Government-funded research corporation and Internet service operator Mimos Berhad admits that a staff member carelessly placed a large number of confidential company files on a publicly accessible Internet server.

Mimos Chief Operating Officer Dr Mohamed Awang-Lah said in an e-mail response to Newsbytes on Sunday that the incident was the result of “human error” and “carelessness.”

“One of our staff created a directory on a server and accidentally made it publicly accessible. The staff member uploaded the files for back-up purposes without taking adequate measures to protect them,” he said.

Dr Mohamed said “appropriate action” will be taken against the errant staff member but declined to say whether this would result in her dismissal. Read more

Malaysian ISPs: struggling to keep pace

By Julian Matthews

Intel CEO Craig Barrett, on a recent visit to Kuala Lumpur, graded Malaysia’s Internet access performance a poor “C”.

He based this on the fact that the country had only two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and a users-per-population ratio of 2.5 percent, compared to 15 percent in other countries in Asia.

Malaysia also received a “B Minus” for total international bandwidth which, at only 243 Mbps, lagged behind continent leader South Korea with 518 Mbps.
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