Lines Among ISP, ASP, VAR Blurring Says Intel AP Exec

By Julian Matthews

Internet service providers (ISPs), application service providers (ASPs) and value-added resellers (VARs) are evolving into one-stop shops for a full spectrum of Internet services instead of providing just access, according to Intel Asia Pacific ISP channels marketing manager Loke Yoon Kun.

Speaking at the Malaysia launch of the chip giant’s worldwide program to push its networking offerings, he said, “The lines among ISPS, ASPs and VARs are blurring. The new one-stop-shop role calls for value added services and products such as Web hosting and creation, e- commerce and specific networking equipment sited on customer’s premises.”
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Intel Expands Base With Market-Specific Processors

By Julian Matthews

April 10, 1998 (PENANG, Malaysia) — Intel Corp. plans to introduce Pentium II microprocessors to tackle every segment of the market including “lean PCs,” notebooks, desktops and high- performance workstations and servers, said CEO-designate Craig Barrett.

Barrett outlined the roadmap for 1998 in a presentation given April 2, while on a five- nation tour. Intel’s strategy means it will pursue the low- end, sub- US$1000 PC market, which it has largely ignored until recently.

Barrett said Intel was forced to re-think its single-processor strategy because of increased segmentation of the market and the differing needs of end- users.

“Previously we would introduce a new product for the workstation market and as volume manufacturing and cost reductions occurred it would drift down into the desktop PC, basic PC and mobile PC markets,” he said.

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We are not moving, says Barrett

By Anita Devasahayam

PENANG: Chip giant Intel Semiconductor will continue to aggressively invest in Asia Pacific to stimulate the PC market despite the region’s financial crisis.

President and chief operating officer Craig Barrett told a press conference here last week that Asia Pacific was still a growth area and has committed US$1 billion of capital investments for the region.

The company has committed US$5 billion in capital investments worldwide and another US$2 billion for research and development. “The five flat revenue growth quarters we had experienced was a jolt to us and our biggest challenge is to get back on track,” he said.

He added that the slowdown in the chip market and lack of anticipated orders from the customers also affected the company’s performance. “The only way to recover from a crisis is by accelerated development of new products and services,” he said.

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Intel Remains Aggressive in Asia, Says Barrett

By Julian Matthews

April 7, 1998 (PENANG, Malaysia) — Intel Corp. will continue to invest in the Asia Pacific region despite the regional economic crisis, said CEO- designate Craig Barrett.

“The Asia Pacific region is a major growth area for PCs. We are extremely optimistic about prospects for growth and we will continue to look for more opportunities to invest,” he said.

Barrett said Intel plans to invest US$1.3 billion in Asia in 1998, or more than a quarter of the chip giant’s total capital investment of US$5 billion.

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