Malaysia’s e-BX Pushes Internet Billing Concept

By Julian Matthews, Newsbytes.
25 Nov 1999, 12:34 AM CST

“The check is in the Net.” That could be the response companies can expect from tardy customers soon.

Offering an Internet billing solution endorsed by IBM Corp. [NYSE:IBM], e-Business Exchange Pte Ltd (eBX), plans to entirely eliminate paper from billing and payment cycles.

No more hassles with bad checks, misplaced invoices and postal delays. Even reminder notices – and the standard phrase, “please ignore this notice if you have already made payment” may be a thing of the past.
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IBM touts Malaysian Internet e-billing solution

By Julian Matthews

KUALA LUMPUR–IBM has endorsed a homegrown e-billing solution that will dispense with the hassle of writing multiple checks and eliminate paper-based billing and posting.

“e-Business Exchange is one of the first e-billing and payment solution vendors which has broken into new markets and has been very successful. It counts world-class companies like Hong Kong Telecom and United Overseas Bank in Singapore as its major customers,” said Ou Shian Waei, IBM Malaysia country manager.

Ou said Penang-based e-BX exemplified the kind of entrepreneurship that can flourish in Malaysia given the right business environment.

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Is outsourcing the answer?

Malaysia is projected to have a shortage of about 20,000 IT personnel by 1995. A growing number of Malaysian companies are beginning to look at outsourcing as a viable solution. ANITA DEVASAHAYAM reports…

“EVERYTHING works. Nothing, not even the lights, fail in this building, ” said K B Low, general manager, IBM Malaysia.

And to ensure that all systems go without being interrupted, Big Blue Malaysia is outsourcing to boost its human resource pool and in areas where Low felt it would be difficult to provide meaningful career paths for workers.

He also strongly believes in the following maxim: “Employers must give employees the necessary tools and have respect for the individual,” said Low.

But even this philosophy will not be able to protect IBM against the harsh reality of a manpower shortage. It is an employees’ market in Malaysia and the situation would be felt even more acutely in the next few years.

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