Malaysia’s Digital Signature Law to Take Effect in October

By Julian Matthews

August 28, 1998 (KUALA LUMPUR) — Malaysia’s Digital Signature Act 1997 will be implemented on Oct. 1, paving the way for the use of digital certificates in various e-commerce applications in the country.

Energy, Telecommunications and Posts Minister Leo Moggie said that Certification Authority providers may apply for licenses from the Department of Posts as soon as the law goes into force.

Moggie said the director general of posts Nasaruddin Che Abu has been appointed as Controller of Certification Authorities, and will be responsible for regulating and authorizing licenses. Also, he will oversee the implementation of the act, formulate relevant guidelines and regulations, and maintain a publicly accessible database of disclosure records of each licensed Certification Authority.

The new law opens the doors for branded Certification Authority providers to sell their systems in the country if they satisfy prescribed requirements of the controller. Moggie added that the criteria for selecting Certification Authorities would be made public soon.

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