Investing to capture value


In today’s competitive business climate, IT investments have fallen to budgetary concerns. But in fact, investing in IT now, more than ever, can create value for the future.

By Lim Beng Choon

I have a bone to pick with my previous bank. After moving house, the bank continued to send my statements to my old address despite repeated attempts to inform them of the change. Several letters and phone calls later, I moved house again—but the bank continued to send my statements to the old address.

There was only one thing to do. Close my account and move my business elsewhere.

How many of us have similar frustrations with our financial institutions?

Is this a case of technology gone awry? I beg to differ. It is easy to blame technology as the scapegoat. My previous bank is in the same boat as other  institutions and businesses across the country. The crux of the issue is acquiring the mindset to make IT investments part of building new business capabilities.

Successful IT projects have strong ownership under key business leaders and are a critical part of differentiating one business from another.

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Staying on top of the game

By Lim Beng Choon

Accenture’s country MD kicks off his monthly column by defining the concept of the connected corporation and embracing it to deliver high performance

What differentiates a company from its rivals and how does it sustain growth in the long-term? Accenture believes the answer is in enabling high-performance and continuously challenging the norms once you get there. Several findings from our nine-month research in this area have been applied to help companies and government agencies globally.

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