Outsourcing: Learning from the masters

By Lim Beng Choon

Owning and managing teams in the English Premier League can be likened to running a high-performance business.

A few decades ago, managers would scour the land for homegrown talent, groom and bring them into the first team. Today, managers buy the talent globally, inject them to transform the team, and expect players to perform at their highest level in every game.

As in football, businesses these days are in a highly competitive environment. They require management and team players that are focused, have multifarious skills, demand the best from each other, and have a world view of their industry.

A key imperative to stay in the game of global business today is that of outsourcing.  Many first-time outsourcers, however, adopt the shallow view that outsourcing is all about cutting costs and relegate it merely for low value external services.

In reality, outsourcing has taken on a larger role in ensuring any company’s long-term survival. Increasingly, companies across the world are outsourcing more critical functions such as information technology, corporate learning and even customer relationship management (CRM).

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