Winning the war for customers

By Lim Beng Choon

Keeping customers delighted in any business today requires fresh thinking and approaches.

To me, Suria KLCC is a world class, high-performance example. Aside from the customary festive decorations, Suria rigorously gets tenants to renew their storefronts regularly and rotates store locations to give the mall a fresh look all year round. Even the fstalls in the food courts stalls are constantly monitored and upgraded.

The same thing goes for high-performance businesses: they need to find new and innovative ways to keep customers coming back.

Two different Accenture studies show that there are strong links between innovation and sustained business performance. We found that companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Southwest Airlines, Wal-Mart, Dell and IKEA, which continued to innovate even through downturns in the 1990s, were best positioned for success in the upturns that followed.

These companies were obsessed with winning the battle for the customer.

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