The world according to Negroponte


MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte insists he is, by nature, an optimistic person.

Jetlagged, he looked more tired than wired while presenting his paper at a recent conference organised by the Malaysian Institute of Management.

After spending a day listening to his version on how the world is going to evolve, you’ll want to believe in it happening too.

He reflects hope and underneath his suave and cool persona, Negroponte does very little to reveal the other side. If he was upset (which he was during the press interview), he hid it well and replied in loaded sentences.

Ask a pessimistic question and his retort is “why are we constantly looking at some intrinsic badness, why not otherwise.”

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Quantum Closes Factories in US, Malaysia

Hard disk drive maker Quantum Corp is closing two plants in Malaysia and California and laying off 1,800 regular and 450 temporary employees.

Quantum expects to report a charge of US$160 million to US$190 million from the moves in the company’s fourth fiscal quarter ending March 31, 1996. The charge, two-thirds of which is non-cash, also includes the write-off of capital equipment and inventory and severance for employees affected by the closure of two plants.

In explaining the closure, Quantum regional marketing director David Rawcliffe said making the new generation of HDDs required a high level of factory automation which Matsushita-Kotobuki was best qualified to handle. Read more